ISA 8172/220 Watch Caliber

ISA Caliber 8172/220

ISA 8172/220 Watch Caliber

Manufacturer ISA
Caliber Number 8172-220, 8172A
Type Quartz
Diameter 11 1/2”’ (25.6mm) x 4.20mm thick
Battery Cell Number 395
Stem 401-1493 tap 10
Hand Sizes 150/90/20
Jewels 3
Functions Hours, minutes, central seconds, day, date, 30 mins, 60 seconds
Country of Manufacture Switzerland
Known Models
Swiss Legend Neptune

On their site, ISA calls the caliber 8172 a “Special Chrono”.

From a review by Jeff_C:

The watch comes equipped with a Swiss quartz ISA 8172-220 chronograph movement. The center second hand is used with the chronograph function and remains stationed at 12:00 when not in the chronograph mode. The sub dial at 1:00 displays the seconds. The sub dial at 6:00 has a nice day pointer complication that changes days at midnight and the dial at 10:00 is used to display minutes when in the chronograph mode. The watch has a 30 minute chronograph function. One feature I discovered that I enjoy is the resetting of the main second hand. Unlike many other movements that “snap” the chronograph second counter back in place, the ISA 8172 allows the second hand to “slowly” reset to its stationary position.

From a post by Penguin Pete:

ISA initially made mostly bottom end quartz modules; read no jewels and cost $1.00 to replace. From what I’ve read; around 2006; they reorganized; stopped mass producing cheap quartz modules and began making higher end chrono and multi function modules. The few reviews I’ve seen all suggest these newer modules with chronograph complications are pretty good.

Another from donciccio:

The ISA movement in question is a decent movement. Date @ 4 , day @ 6, 30 min chrono @ 10 , 3 jewels. I’m not a big fan of ISA per say , but as far as this one goes its not bad. Wholesale price on a replacement is about $35-$40.

At the time of this post, this movement was found at replacement prices of $34.95 USD. Picture submitted by KeepTheTime.

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ISA 8172/220 Watch Movement

This photo is with the plastic movement holder. This is also what holds the chronograph pushers.

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Chris Watch Collector
Chris Watch Collector

This looks very cool for a quartz movement. It might sound crazy but sometimes I think quartz movements should have an open back just like automatics.

Erdélyi László
Erdélyi László

A military hanova őrában ilyen van ,de hol vannak a kövek ? RONDA 5030 D?


Buenas tardes Srs, quisiera saber cuanto vale la maquinaria de este rejol, Swiss Legend, ISA 8172

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